4 DIY Instagram Accounts For You To Follow Right Now

Amongst many forms of content on Instagram, people are overall obsessed with the DIY accounts and typically have many accounts that show useful DIY tips and techniques that can be used by anyone with ease. The whole concept of DIY is fascinating for people as it often involves fascinating content and using the normal everyday items available to the majority of people, and presenting them in an interesting and innovative way.

If you have plenty of DIY ideas in your head that you believe can be useful for people, then consider posting them on Instagram. Consider looking at the best Instagram growth service providers, who can effectively increase the growth of your account and engage a large number of followers, improving your overall engagements.

There is plenty of home design Instagram accounts to follow as well as those relating to other markets which show many interesting posts and content relating to DIY, inspiring the audience into using the techniques for their benefit. Here are the 4 most popular DIY Instagram accounts that you should go right ahead and follow.


This is a very popular DIY account on Instagram which posts regularly regarding all the interesting home decor, fashion, and beauty-related ideas. Managed by Erica Domesek, this account got started back in 2009 and has been a constant stream of ideas for the people who do not rely heavily on shopping for everything they require and rely on being resourceful instead. Take a look at her account to see what projects she is working on these days.


The account post on a wide variety of DIY ideas that include home decor ideas, beautiful stationery items, tips relating to beauty and makeup, recipes for popular food, as well as the best ways to edit photos, and even help in starting a blog for the audience. It is widely regarded as the best and most inspiring DIY account, as they post content just about for everyone’s liking, which makes it a must account to follow.


The account posts bright and colorful room organizing ideas, which are appreciated by the audience. Her posts exhibit a beautiful and fun way to create DIY projects, which do not require supplies and are innovative and easy to replicate. The account also posts great content for someone trying to declutter their rooms and make them more organized.


The account is perfect for people who want to make interesting party ideas and want to make projects with their kids. The content is mainly kid-friendly and involves crafting new and creative items and also shares recipes that are easy to make and are based on a party theme, mainly desserts and snacks aimed at kids’ interests.

The four accounts mentioned above are considered the best by numerous people and are recognized in the market for their creative thinking and innovative ideas. Be sure to follow these accounts as they will brighten up your feed with the inspiring ideas posted regularly on their accounts.