Martial Arts Training: Jeet Kune Do

Did Jeet Kune Do perish with Bruce Lee? Can Jeet Kune Do be taught? Only search Jeet Kune Do in a martial arts online forum and you’ll shortly find hundreds, or even tens of thousands of experts announcing that JKD is not a fashion and can’t be taught. They say it’s a doctrine, not a system, anybody claiming to teach Jeet Kune Do is a fraud. They spin and distort Bruce Lee’s words stating that instructing Jeet Kune Do is a crystallization that goes against what the founder stands for.

Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee

Irrespective of subtle differences in tactics, drills, and techniques between his first pupils, the inherent principles and heart biomechanical construction are basically the same. Bruce Lee himself was recorded, through verbal and written reports, speaking to his martial art as if it was a quantifiable thing obviously different from other martial arts. It’s a true that Bruce Lee taught his personal pupils different things to match their individual strengths and reduce their weaknesses. But the base of his strategy was the exact same and very different.

Training: Jeet Kune Do

The goal was to transcend limitation and style. Transcendence will also be basically human, to a lesser or greater degree, a part of our experience. With this in mind, the following logical question will be, Can Jeet Kune Do be taught? The physical, technical, tactical, aspect can be taught, whereas the spiritual, ethereal, and personal development aspect needs to be accomplished and cultivated by the unique at a very conscious level.

Why so many people with so little experience argue against preservation and passing on the first Bruce Lee teaching? Bruce Lee didn’t mean for his JKD to be that the end all of martial arts training. It had been ever changing and would definitely be different today, if he was still alive. It is some monumental starting point for self-exploration in martial arts.

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