Is A One-Day Juice Cleanse Effective?

Juice cleanses meant to get rid of toxins and other products from our bodies through urine. This is a simple way of flushing toxins outside the body. The more you drink the organic juice cleanse, the more waste products you pass out through the urine. It is essential to give the difference between juicing and blending. Most people interchange the two terms often. The difference is evident when you juice fruits, and you take out the peels.

While in blending, you mix everything the fruit has to offer. In a juice cleanse, you only take the liquid from fruit. You have the option of taking it daily, or in a single day. This guides us to the question, is a one-day juice cleanse very useful? It is crucial for me to base my arguments on research findings. I will argue for and against the taking of juice cleanse in a single day. Here are the possible scenarios you can encounter when taking juice to cleanse. You can watch this video to understand the topic better.

Positive reactions

Loss of weight

If you intend to take the juice to cleanse in a single day, then you will have to take it 2-3 hours apart. Juices from most fruits contain low calories and fats. They only contain vitamins, antioxidants, and fructose. If you continuously take juice to cleanse throughout the day, you will record a loss in weight because the body will burn some of the fats to generate energy for metabolism. There will be a decrease in your weight at the end of the day.

Nutrient uptake

Since you will be taking in vital nutrients and vitamins every 3 hours, your body will respond very well to this. You will be in good health generally. Some minerals in the juice cleanse will also help in disease prevention. There are so many benefits of taking juice cleanses like cancer prevention. Juice cleanses contain vital antioxidants like Betalains. They remove free radicals from your body system, which cause cancer.

Negative reactions

Drop in blood pressure

When you consume the juice cleanse after every 3 hours, it means your body will have to get rid of the excess water. You will urinate regularly. This means that you will be excreting a vital component in the body fluids, Sodium. A drop in Sodium levels in the blood causes a drop in blood pressure. It controls the water balance in the blood. The symptoms may include dizziness and headaches. This is dangerous for people with diabetes. It is always advisable to take the organic juice to cleanse in moderation, preferably two measurements each day.

Kidney problems

Most fruits contain oxalates if they react with other components in the body. They form compounds that are responsible for the formation of kidney stones. These stones are dangerous if left untreated. That is why I am against a one-day juice cleanse. More juice means more oxalates and kidney stones.



A one-day juice cleanse is not advisable, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. You should opt for a daily organic juice cleanse. In the morning and the evening. It should be taken in moderation since some of the effects occur when they are taken in excess.