How to Travel Without a COVID Vaccine?

The travel volume in 2022 is significantly different from the summer of 2020. Many countries have relaxed Covid-related restrictions and lifted requirements such as PCR or antigen tests, masks on public transport and when walking, and quarantine. In most cases, these changes are based on the premise that the traveler must be fully vaccinated. However, more and more countries are also starting to accept unvaccinated tourists.

What to expect when crossing the border if you have not been vaccinated

Even if you are unvaccinated, you still have many options for traveling. However, the requirements of the country you are traveling to should be checked before your trip to avoid any misunderstandings upon arrival. In particular, after crossing the border, you may face a mandatory period of quarantine – either in a room of your choice or in a state institution. In some cases, you may be able to bypass these additional requirements by providing proof of recent recovery from Covid or a medical exemption from vaccination. However, you may need to be tested for Covid before traveling and/or upon arrival. One of the most convenient options is to use the Healgen Tests to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 infection. By the way, unlike testing in the US, tests for COVID-19 abroad are not covered by insurance, so you will have to pay for the testing out of your own pocket.

Online meetings and trips

When choosing a place to spend leisure time abroad, take into account the fact that unvaccinated people may be denied access to a hotel, restaurant, business center, gym, museum, etc. Therefore, it is worth checking in advance the possibility of access to public events and places you would like to visit during your trip without vaccination. It makes sense to think about traveling and organizing business meetings online. Currently, the Internet offers us many options for socially distanced meetings, hikes, and even socially distanced date ideas, and most popular tourist destinations have their own platforms for online tours, tours of museums and exhibitions, and more.

How to prepare for a trip without a covid vaccine

Preparing for a trip is a responsible task, especially if you don’t have a covid vaccine, so it is necessary to make a list of required things in time. Documents are the essential item without which you should not go even on a short and short trip. The same applies to coronavirus tests that you will be required to take and necessary medicines you may need during your travel. So be sure to prepare:

  • passport (domestic, foreign)
  • bank card (before your trip, visit a bank branch and check whether your plastic card works in the country of destination);
  • covid testing kit;
  • cash – give preference to euros or dollars, which can be exchanged in any country in the world;
  • driver’s license (if you plan to drive a car abroad and the document has international status);
  • insurance policy;
  • plane tickets;
  • hotel reservation vouchers.

Any trip, regardless of its purpose and duration, should be safe. Take a first-aid kit with you, filling it with essential drugs. Find out whether you can take medicines with you abroad, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases. And indeed, have some COVID-19 antigen tests at hand just in case they ask you to take it.