5 YouTube Channels to Watch When You Need to Kill Some Time

YouTube is turning a great source of both information and entertainment nowadays. If you are having some time free from your daily activities, and you want to spend it like quality time, then YouTube can be a good option for you. It is offering content related to almost every topic like education, cooking, gaming, songs, films, and many other entertainment contents.

Here is a list of some very good YouTube channels you need to know if you need to spend your time getting some information, entertaining yourself, or grooming yourself.

Alpha m

It is one of the best channels for boys with about 6.4 million subscribers and 1.4K videos. It covers almost everything related to boys like styling, hairstyles, relationships, grooming, fitness, and confidence. His videos also do have a hint of fun. The best thing about this channel is that it is covering a variety of topics. If you are looking for a channel that contains all the realistic things then it is best for you, because he is covering plenty of topics with complete honesty which other YouTubers are not even thinking to cover at all. He has presented all his videos in a very organized way.

Alex Costa

This channel is basically about fashion and style. If you are looking for someone whose content can bring grooming to your personality, then you must follow him. He is uploading videos about clothing, new trends in fashion, fitness tips, diets, grooming products, unboxing, and much more.

Jeremy Fragrance

He is one of the best YouTubers with about 1.58 million subscribers and 403 videos. Furthermore, he is obsessed with everything that smells good. Recently he has launched his own perfume collection which earns much popularity in a very short time period. If you are a perfume lover, or you love researching about perfumes, or you need reviews about various fragrances, then all you need to do is to follow him.


If you are a person who has been working on a laptop or running a business, and you enjoy making things with your hands to give yourself a chance, and it makes you satisfied, then you must need to subscribe to this channel. This channel has about 439 subscribers and 124 videos. This channel contains videos about how to make picture frames, mirrors, sheds and buildings, wood carving and art, bed frames, and it also contains videos like outdoor storage ideas.

Gentlemen’s Gazette

Anyone who has visited his channel can surely claim that he knows everything about men’s fashion. He covers each and every element about fashion in his videos, from watches to scarf, from jeans to shoes. He covers everything from how to buy fashion products to how to wear them. Furthermore, he has about 1.16 million subscribers and 667 videos.

These are some best YouTube channels for men for you if you need to utilize your spare time in grooming yourself.